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On-line Power Acquiring Method of Current Transformer with Dual Magnetic Circuit

School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Changsha University of Science & Technology, Changsha 410114, China

Fund Project:

This work is supported by Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Power Robots (No. 2018TP1025).

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    Aiming at the problems such as easy saturation of magnetic circuit and low acquired power of the widely used on-line power acquiring device of current transformer, this paper proposes an on-line power acquiring method combining dual magnetic circuit topology with resonant power control. In the dual magnetic circuit structure, a two-semicircle magnetic core is installed on the transmission line, and the excitation inductance in the magnetic circuit is resonant in parallel with the capacitance through the secondary-side connection capacitor, which increases the impedance value of the magnetic circuit. Thus, the current on the line is controlled to flow more into the other magnetic circuit coil of the dual magnetic circuit, through which the internal impedance is matched with the value of the external load, and the maximum power is obtained. Based on this method, an anti-saturation strategy of magnetic core controlled by excitation inductor and resonant capacitor is put forward, which makes the device keep high acquired power while work normally. The correctness of the method and the applicability for the circuit harmonic are verified by the joint simulation of Maxwell and Simplorer. The preliminary test shows that the power acquired by the dual magnetic circuit can meet the requirement of monitoring equipment of high voltage transmission line.

    表 1 Table 1
    图1 双磁路在线取电方法Fig.1 On-line power acquiring method with dual magnetic circuit
    图2 取电电路拓扑Fig.2 Topology of power acquiring circuit
    图3 双磁路并联谐振电容取电装置等效电路Fig.3 Equivalent circuit of power acquiring device of parallel resonant capacitor based on dual magnetic circuit
    图4 3种情况下的负载阻抗值与获得功率曲线Fig.4 Curves of acquired power varied with load resistance in three cases
    图5 2种情况下的负载功率曲线图Fig.5 Load power curve in two cases
    图 等效电路简化图Fig. Equivalent circuit reduction diagram
    图 TA1磁芯空载电压电流波形图Fig. TA1 core no-load voltage and current waveform
    图 TA1并联电容电压电流波形图Fig. TA1 shunt capacitor voltage and current waveform diagram
    图 磁芯励磁电流与线路电流关系图Fig. Diagram of the relationship excitation current of the Magnetic Core and the current of the Line
    图 电流基波以及谐波波形Fig. Current fundamental and harmonic waveforms
    图 TA1磁芯Maxwell模型图Fig. TA1 core Maxwell model diagram
    图 联合仿真平台Fig. Co-simulation platform
    图 常规电流互感器式取电装置功率Fig. Power of conventional current transformers power acquiring device
    图 双磁路取电装置功率Fig. Power of Double magnetic circuit power acquiring device
    图 取电电源实验平台Fig. Power supply experiment platform
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WANG Xuhong,HU Jierui,FAN Shaosheng,et al.On-line Power Acquiring Method of Current Transformer with Dual Magnetic Circuit[J].Automation of Electric Power Systems,2020,44(4):187-194.DOI:10.7500/AEPS20190126006

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