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Interpretation of GB/T 35727—2017 Guideline for Standard Voltages of Medium andLow Voltage DC Distribution System

Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China

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    With the development of DC conversion technologies and the practical need for DC power supply, DC distribution systems attracts more and more attentions around the world. Furthermore, the national criterion GB/T 35727—2017 of China for standard voltages of medium and low voltage dc distribution system is published recently, which is very important for the development of DC distribution system since voltage levels and series are the key points for power system research and design. The background of this criterion is introduced in this paper, followed with the main parts of medium-level nominal voltages, low-level nominal voltages and the corresponding permitted voltage deviations with main factors considered. Finally,this paper puts forward a power supply mode analysis method of DC distribution system based on load distance, which links voltage level, allowable deviation, line parameters, transmission capacity, etc. to provide support for the analysis and design of power supply mode of DC distribution system.

    表 2 中压直流配电系统的标称电压Table 2 Normal system voltage for medium voltage DC distribution system
    表 6 750(±375)V和220(±110)V架空直流线路截面负荷距Table 6 Load distance for 750(±375)V and 220(±110)V overhead DC line
    表 1 直流配电相关国家及行业标准Table 1 National and industrial standards for DC distribution
    表 5 ±3 kV,3(±1.5)kV,1.5(±0.75)kV架空直流线路截面负荷距Table 5 Load distance for ±3 kV, 3(±1.5)kV and 1.5(±0.75)kV overhead DC line
    表 3 低压直流配电系统的标称电压Table 3 Normal system voltage for low voltage DC distribution system
    图1 直流配电标准规范内容Fig.1 Main contents of DC distribution system criterion
    表 4 ±35 kV和±10 kV架空直流线路截面负荷距Table 4 Load distance for ±35 kV and ±10 kV overhead DC line
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TANG Xisheng.Interpretation of GB/T 35727—2017 Guideline for Standard Voltages of Medium andLow Voltage DC Distribution System[J].Automation of Electric Power Systems,2020,44(1):23-28.DOI:10.7500/AEPS20190312009

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