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Design and Implementation of Multi-level Integrated Data Exchange System for Dispatch and Control Business

1.State Grid Fujian Electric Power Dispatching and Control Center, Fuzhou 350003, China;2.NARI Group Corporation (State Grid Electric Power Research Institute), Nanjing 211106, China;3.Beijing Kedong Electric Power Control System Co., Ltd., Beijing 100085, China

Fund Project:

This work is supported by State Grid Corporation of China (No. SGNR0000KJJS1802828).

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    As the integration characteristics of power grid operation become prominent, the application business links between various levels of regulatory agencies are becoming increasingly close, and the demand for information sharing and data interaction is becoming more and more urgent. In order to achieve integrated and coordinated operation, the power grid dispatch and control system needs to interact with a large number of real-time data and non-real-time data between different regulatory agencies and business applications. However, the current technical scheme is mainly aimed at the data interaction between real-time services, and there is no universal data interaction mechanism in quasi-real-time/non-real-time business scenarios. Aiming at the above problem, this paper puts forward the regulation of business oriented, quasi-real-time/non-real-time data across institutions and across the safe zone, cross-platform integrated exchange of architecture, the establishment of a canonical data interaction processes and operation mechanism based on task, to realize unified management of data interaction process. At present, the research results have been applied in engineering to support the integrated and coordinated business of provincial, regional dispatch centers and substations.

    表 3 Table 3
    表 1 多模式数据交换测试结果Table 1 Test results of multi-mode data exchange
    表 5 Table 5
    表 4 Table 4
    图1 一体化数据交换系统架构Fig.1 Architecture of integrated data exchange system
    图2 一体化数据交换服务结构Fig.2 Architecture of integrated data exchange service
    图3 数据交换流程Fig.3 Flow chart of data exchange
    图 数据交换处理逻辑Fig. Data exchange processing logic
    图 任务轨迹流程Fig. Task trajectory flow
    图 测试部署示意图Fig. Test deployment diagram
    图 一体化数据交换系统部署方案Fig. Wide area data exchange system deployment scheme
    图 一体化协同业务应用Fig. Integrated and cooperative business application
    表 2 日常调控业务Table 2 Daily dispatch and control business
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CHEN Zhengping,MEI Zheng,LIN Jinghuai,et al.Design and Implementation of Multi-level Integrated Data Exchange System for Dispatch and Control Business[J].Automation of Electric Power Systems,2020,44(4):195-201.DOI:10.7500/AEPS20190408005

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