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Single-phase Dynamic Voltage Restorer Based on Bipolar Direct AC/AC Conversion

Key Laboratory of Modern Power System Simulation and Control & Renewable Energy Technology, Ministry of Education (Northeast Electric Power University), Jilin 132012, China

Fund Project:

This work is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51877035).

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    Dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) is a power electronic device connected in series with source and load, which is used to rapidly compensate voltage fluctuation in the power system. However, due to the energy storage equipment, the conventional DVR based on voltage source inverters (VSIs) has some shortcomings. And the DVR based on direct AC/AC conversion with pulse width modulation (PWM) has the shortages of commutation problem and voltage balance of flying capacitor. Therefore, this paper proposes a single-phase DVR based on bipolar direct AC/AC conversion. The AC/AC converter topology with PWM used in the proposed DVR has the characteristics of common grounding between the input and output ports. In addition, the proposed DVR can achieve bipolar voltage regulation with a simple control strategy and effectively solve the commutation problem during operation. In order to verify the engineering value of the proposed DVR, a 1 kW experimental platform has been built to verify its rationality and effectiveness on the basis of theoretical analysis.

    表 2 AC/AC型DVR拓扑优势对比分析Table 2 Comparative analysis of topological advantage for DVR based on AC/AC converter
    表 4 DVR运行效率Table 4 Operation efficiency of DVR
    表 3 DVR的不同工作场景Table 3 Different operation scenarios of DVR
    表 5 THD对比分析Table 5 Comparative analysis of THD
    图1 单相DVR系统结构Fig.1 Structure of single-phase DVR system
    图2 AC/AC变换器的PWM方法Fig.2 PWM method for AC/AC convertor
    图3 PWM型双极性直接式AC/AC变换器工作模式Fig.3 Operation mode of bipolar direct AC/AC convertor based on PWM
    图4 DVR系统控制框图Fig.4 Block diagram for control of DVR system
    图5 场景Ⅰ实验结果Fig.5 Experimental results of scene Ⅰ
    图 DVR电压补偿相量图Fig. Phasor Diagram of DVR Voltage Compensation
    图 场景Ⅲ实验结果图Fig. Experimental results of scene Ⅲ
    图 场景IV实验结果图Fig. Experimental results of scene IV
    图 DVR效率与THD测量原理图Fig. Measuring Principle Diagram of DVR Efficiency and THD
    表 1 不同类型DVR的对比分析Table 1 Comparative analysis of differenttypes of DVRs
    表 6 Table 6
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WANG Yibo,CAI Guowei,LIU Chuang,et al.Single-phase Dynamic Voltage Restorer Based on Bipolar Direct AC/AC Conversion[J].Automation of Electric Power Systems,2020,44(6):171-177.DOI:10.7500/AEPS20190409006

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