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Planning Method of Soft Open Point in Distribution Network Considering Reliability Benefits

1.Key Laboratory of Smart Grid of Ministry of Education, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072, China;2.Foshan Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd, Foshan 528000, China;3.School of Engineering, Cardiff University, Cardiff CF24 3AA, UK

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This work is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China-State Grid Joint Fund for Smart Grid (No. U1866207) and National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51807132).

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    Soft open points (SOPs), which have powerful capability of power flow control, can make positive contribution under normal operation and fault conditions of distribution network. The benefits both from the improvement of power supply reliability and operation economy should be taken into account at the planning stage. Planning model of SOPs is proposed in this paper considering the effect of connecting SOP on supply reliability and operation economy in distribution network. The fast-search and the method of finding density peaks clustering are used to aggregate the annual load data, and the typical operation scenarios in distribution network are generated to calculate the improvement cost of operation economy. The calculation method of branch failure rate based on related constraints is adopted, considering the influences of load rate of line current, node voltage and length of line on branch failure rate, the dynamic prediction failure set is generated to calculate the benefits of power supply reliability. A hybrid optimization algorithm, which combines the simulated annealing method with the second-order cone programming, is used to solve the planning model mentioned above. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed planning model is verified by the modified PG&E 69-node test system. The results show that the SOP planning method facing reliability and economy in distribution network can effectively reduce the comprehensive cost of distribution network and maximize the investment benefits.

    表 2 不含分布式电源的SOP规划方案Table 2 Planning schemes of SOP without distribution generator
    表 4 规划前后可靠性收益对比Table 4 Comparison of reliability profit before and after planning
    表 7 Table 7
    表 6 规划前后成本对比Table 6 Cost comparison before and after planning
    图1 SOP规划流程图Fig.1 Flow chart of SOP planning
    图2 PG&E 69节点算例Fig.2 Example of PG&E 69-node
    图3 CFSFDP方法生成的典型场景Fig.3 Typical scenarios generated by CFSFDP method
    图4 SOP规划结果与单位停电损失成本关系曲线Fig.4 Relationship curves of SOP planning results and unit power outage loss cost
    表 1 CFSFDP方法生成的典型场景概率Table 1 Probability of scenarios generated by CFSFDP method
    表 5 含分布式电源的SOP规划方案Table 5 Planning schemes of SOP with distribution generator
    表 3 规划前后综合成本对比Table 3 Comparison of integrated cost before and after planning
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ZHAO Jinli,CHEN Hao,SONG Guanyu,et al.Planning Method of Soft Open Point in Distribution Network Considering Reliability Benefits[J].Automation of Electric Power Systems,2020,44(10):22-31.DOI:10.7500/AEPS20190715008

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