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User Guidance Based Matching Strategy for Electric Vehicle-Charging Pile in Condition of Real-time Electricity Price

1.College of Electrical Engineering, Shanghai University of Electric Power, Shanghai 200090, China;2.Shanghai Higher Institution Engineering Research Center of High Efficiency Application, Shanghai 200090, China

Fund Project:

This work is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51977127).

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    With the rapid increase of the amount of electric vehicles (EVs), the demand for battery charging and discharging is also increasing correspondingly, but the growth rate of infrastructure construction is still relatively slow. The current situation of more EVs than charging piles leads to the problem of unbalanced distribution of charging piles. Based on this problem and combined with the real-time demand of the market, a user guidance based matching strategy for EV-charging pile is proposed. Firstly, an allocation function is established from the view of energy aggregators and the information of available charging piles is generated. Secondly, an optimization function is established from the view of users to determine the geographical range of available charging piles. Finally, considering real-time electricity prices, EV users are encouraged to select appropriate charging piles for charging and discharging within the selected geographical range and effectively participate in power dispatch by updating subsidy fees. The simulation results show that on the premise of meeting market requirements, the matching strategy for EV-charging pile considers the two-way willingness of users and aggregators, and provides a decision basis for the rational distribution of charging piles.

    表 1 电动汽车聚合商提供补贴服务种类Table 1 Types of subsidized services offered by electric vehicle aggregator
    表 2 2种充放电策略的对比Table 2 Comparison between two charging and discharging strategies
    图1 引导后各区域充电桩使用情况Fig.1 Service condition of charging piles in different regions after guiding
    图2 聚合商-用户匹配情况Fig.2 Details of aggregator-user matching
    图3 用户预约具体情况Fig.3 Details of user appointment
    图 聚合商分配范围Fig. Allocation range of aggregator
    图 用户可选范围Fig. Selectable range of user
    图 第一轮匹配结果Fig. The first round of matching results
    图 聚合商组成Fig. Aggregatork composition
    图 分配流程图Fig. Flow chart of distribution
    图 虚拟地图Fig. Virtual map
    图 聚合商分配函数权重Fig. Weight of aggregator allocation function
    图 用户择优函数权重Fig. Weight of user preference function
    图 某区域30天实时电价预测曲线Fig. Real-time price forecast curve in a certain area
    图 基础补贴费用选取Fig. Choose basic subsidy fee
    图 原始各区域充电桩平均充电频次Fig. Initial frequency of use
    图 聚合商收入对比Fig. Comparison about aggregator total revenue
    图 按使用功能划分的虚拟地图Fig. Virtual map by function
    图 各区域充电桩平均使用频次Fig. Use of charging piles in different area
    图 聚合商总收入Fig. Total revenue of aggregator
    图 预约成功用户个数Fig. Number of successful users
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LI Dongdong,DUAN Weiyi,LIN Shunfu,et al.User Guidance Based Matching Strategy for Electric Vehicle-Charging Pile in Condition of Real-time Electricity Price[J].Automation of Electric Power Systems,2020,44(8):74-82.DOI:10.7500/AEPS20190726003

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