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Electricity Regulatory Mechanisms in Australia and Its Enlightenment to China

1.College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China;2.Digital Grid Research Institute of China Southern Power Grid, Guangzhou 510670, China;3.State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd., Hangzhou 310007, China;4.Jinhua Power Supply Company of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd., Jinhua 321000, China


A scientific and reasonable electricity regulatory system can effectively prevent potential market risks and promote healthy development of electricity markets. With the increasing development of China’s electricity spot markets, the regulatory mechanism of electricity markets has once again attracted the attention of electricity market designers. As a mature electricity spot market, the Australian National Electricity Market has accumulated rich practical experience in dealing with the transition of energy structure, opening the electricity market competition, and enhancing the electricity regulatory system and so on. Firstly, the characteristics of the Australian National Electricity Market and the electricity regulatory system are introduced, and the history of its electricity regulatory reform and the functions of the electricity regulatory agencies are elaborated. Secondly, the electricity market evaluation index system and evaluation methods adopted by the Australian electricity regulatory agencies are analyzed in depth. Then, the assessment mechanisms of the regulatory agencies for the electricity markets in Australia, Europe and the United States are compared and analyzed, and the advantages and current problems of Australian electricity regulatory mechanism are summarized. Finally, combining with the development of domestic electricity markets in China, relevant suggestions are made on the energy and power legislation and regulation system in the electricity market, the improvement of the functions of the regulatory agencies, the deepening of the degree of the regulatory informatization, and the sound evaluation mechanism.



This work is supported by National Key R&D Program of China (No. 2016YFB0901100).

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[1]JIANG Xinyue, HOU Jiaxuan, WU Huahua, et al. Electricity Regulatory Mechanisms in Australia and Its Enlightenment to China[J]. Automation of Electric Power Systems,2021,45(14):1-12. DOI:10.7500/AEPS20200628003
  • Received:June 28,2020
  • Revised:January 13,2021
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  • Online: July 21,2021
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