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Analysis of Key Issues and Prospect for Digital Transformation of Distribution Networks Based on Edge Computing


Distribution network has become one of the most critical and vigorous sectors in developing the new power system,digital transformation is a widely recognized way to solve the complex operation and control problems of distribution networks. Edge computing is an effective means to utilize the massive data resources and physical resources in digital distribution network. It also provides a comprehensive platform for implementing operation functions on the edge side, which promotes the development and transformation of the operation architecture for the distribution network . This paper focuses on the digital transformation issues of distribution networks driven by edge computing technology. The essential technical requirements for edge computing devices in the distribution network are presented. The technical localization of the edge computing and the technical architecture of digital distribution networks supported by it are analyzed. Especially aiming at the operation issues of digital distribution networks, starting from three typical features of clustering, distribution, and flexible definition, key issues and technical research directions are summarized and discussed, including typical modes such as edge-side cluster local control, edge-edge cooperative control and cloud-edge cooperative operation, etc.



This work is supported by National Key R&D Program of China (No. 2020YFB0906000, No. 2020YFB0906002).

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[1]LI Peng, XI Wei, LI Peng, et al. Analysis of Key Issues and Prospect for Digital Transformation of Distribution Networks Based on Edge Computing[J/OL]. Automation of Electric Power Systems, http://doi. org/10.7500/AEPS20221129005.
  • Received:November 29,2022
  • Revised:September 22,2023
  • Adopted:September 25,2023
  • Online: February 07,2024
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